Computer Repairs

We provide repairs for Gaming, Desktop & Laptop computers covering all popular brands.

Things we do include

  • Replace faulty hard drives.
  • Replace faulty optical drives
  • Diagnose/Replace motherboards.
  • Upgrade gaming graphic cards.
  • Upgrade system memory [RAM].
  • Upgrade storage capacity.
  • Rebuild computer operating systems.
  • Add wireless capability to older desktop PCs.
  • Add PCI and PCIe expansion cards to enable specific job requirements.

Sonic Computer Services has over 15+ years experience in the business and has connections with many major suppliers both here in NSW and Interstate as well.

Although we strive to do our best to meet our customer needs, there are some things that are not generic and cannot be outsourced or easily fixed unless by genuine parts from the manufacturer.

Some of these things are…

  • Laptop power buttons.
  • Laptop USB or other external case ports.
  • Laptop power ports.
  • Fixed cables on Laptop power adapters.
  • Laptop mainboards.
  • Most of the above also applies All-in-One Desktops as well.
  • For Desktop and Gaming PC towers, parts are easily obtainable or replaceable.

Return to manufacturer or place of purchase is the only sure solution in this situation. So to re-cap, Laptop parts are usually not generic or interchangeable with other models and require the exact part that applies to that particular model. These parts have to be either purchased from the manufacturer or supplied and fitted by the manufacturer. This is often a cost prohibitive procedure especially for older devices and many clients often find that on inquiring the part plus labour is too costly to warrant proceeding with a fix.