Your Computer needs a tuneup from time to time. Maybe your system is slow to startup and has sluggish performance plus takes forever to shutdown? These are classic symptoms that your computer requires some attention. If you leave it like this then you are not getting the most out of your Computer or Laptop. A complete PC Tune-Up will help get your system running like new again.

PC TuneUp Offer

This service identifies and removes existing spyware and viruses that your antivirus did not find, optimize your PC and helps keep your computer running at its peak performance!

What is included…

  • Full system check on antivirus  & windows update status. These are rectified if found  faulty.
  • Standard Virus and Malware scan using stand-alone scanner .
  • Clearing out  hidden “Temporary” files.
  • Configuration of Start-up entries to maximize system start up speed & performance.
  • Registry clean.
  • Install of Windows updates including version and feature updates if required.
  • Updating  of anti-spyware and anti-virus program versions & definitions as required.
  • Check and re-rating of OS as required due to new drivers being updated [Windows7 only].
  • Check and Update of essential programs.
  • Removal of unwanted programs such as toolbars, driver updater and  bogus registry scanners.

More Info

When your hard disk is overloaded with program files and commands, it can begin to slow down. Obsolete Registry data and “Temporary” files, are collected and kept on the hard drive on a regular basis, and if these are not cleaned out periodically, they can lead to disruptions and interference in standard startup and performance. In the event that a virus or malware is infecting the computer, damage and errors can reduce the computer’s ability to run optimally and can create system lockups and crashes.

Regina control of your device. Call 0413 972416 Now and book your Tune Up. From only $90.00 . You will be so glad you did!