Welcome to all Sonic Computer Services Clients:

Sonic Computer Services are a solutions focused IT Business that uses remote connection to access and repair those computer problems that you have trouble with or find just plain frustrating.

There is no requirement to come to your home, there is no need to pack up your computer or laptop and bring it to me, if you have an active internet connection i can work on your comuter remotley unless there is no remote solution available.

I do not visit homes and charge to watch a progress bar like some operators do, while the computer carries out some task. You only pay for what you use [conditions apply] Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why not give us a try and visit the Helpdesk page to start now!

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We supply new Laptops and All In One computers. All the major brnads you want! Call us for a quote 0413 972416

New! Want windows 10 for FREE. but worried about the 3.7 gigabyte download eating up your monthly data allowance during the upgrade to the new MS operating system Windows10*? Worry no more, i can provide a upgrade service for you. I will download and install windows 10 for you as well as upgrade any other programs that need update at same time such as Flash Adobe reader and Java. this will be done at a cost of $45.00** per PC or laptop which is a much cheaper option than buying extra gigs of data on a Mobile internet plan. Call me on 0413 972416 or visit my Contact Us page.

* Only window 8.1 and windows7 computers are included in the FREE upgrade program by Microsoft. XP and Vista computers are not included.

** You must back up ALL your important data, this service only includes the upgrade to Windows10 and programs i have mentioned. No other third party software is included or tested for compatibility. If removed during the upgrade process YOU the client are responsible for re-installing it.

We can provide the following services:
  • Remote HelpDesk No install necessary, just download and run the app
  • Install or Upgrade of existing or new operating systems
  • VoIP solutions using Skype
  • System security and optimization
  • Installation and configuration of data base and accounting programs over network [MYOB and Quikbooks]
  • Upgrade Hard Drives, Cloning, RAID and Mirroring
  • Virtual Machines Run Multiple Servers on one machine, saving on hardware and running costs. Also can be used to run older programs on newer operating systems
  • Setup of new hardware systems
  • Critical data backups with External usb Hard Drives
  • Virus / Trojan plus Malware removal
  • Computer repairs and upgrades
  • Installation and setup of broadband modems-wireless/cable -Routers
  • Data Recovery from crashed systems/flash memory/flash cards/hard drives
  • Networking - LAN and WiFi
  • increase computer performance and speed

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