PC Tuneup

Is your system slow to startup and has sluggish performance ? Then a complete PC Tune will help get your system running like new again. This service identifies and removes existing spyware and viruses, optimise your PC and helps keep your computer running at peak performance!

When your hard disk is overloaded with program files and commands, it can begin to slow down. Obsolete Registry data and "Temporary" files,are collected and kept on the hard drive on a regular basis, and if these are not cleaned out periodically, they can lead to disruptions and interference in standard startup and performance. In the event that a virus or malware is infecting the computer, damage and errors can reduce the computer’s ability to run optimally and can create system lockups and crashes.

Why do i need to ensure my system is clean?

This excerpt from Australian IT, says it all very simply as to why there is a need for a security evaluation to be made also of your computer

"ACMA's Australian Internet Security Initiative -- which alerts participating internet service providers to the presence of compromised computers on their networks -- reported more than 10,000 instances daily during June.

Compromised computers, known as robots or zombies, are herded into vast botnet armies and used for further illegal activity such as spamming, financial fraud and denial-of-service attacks.

"While the number of compromises reported daily has abated slightly, the botnet problem locally remains a concern," Mr Matthews said.

"A computer compromise often has long-lasting repercussions because the malware also harvests personal data including credit card details, full name, date of birth, user names and passwords for online transactions and records of web sites visited.""

What is included.

  • Standard Virus and Malware scan *
  • Clearing out Temporary files
  • Configuration of Start-up entries to maximise system performance
  • Registry clean
  • Optimising GUI and virtual memory
  • Configuring Windows updates plus ensuring all critical updates and service packs are installed
  • Updating anti-spyware and anti-virus definitions and software
  • PC optimisation and removing unnecessary processes
  • System Defrag
  • Check and re-rating of OS as required due to new drivers being updated [Vista and Windows7 only]
  • Update of essential programs such as Java runtime environment and Adobe reader
  • Removal of unwanted programs such as toolbars and bogus registry scanners etc

Call 0413 972416 Now and book your Tune Up. From only $120.00. You will be so glad you did!


The First Time Done Right Guarantee.

We believe in doing the job right first time, every time ! If for whatever reason we have to fix the same problem for your home or office computer, It's Free !! That's the Sonic Peace of mind Service Guarantee 

Warning: Sonic Computer Services is not responsible for any loss of Customer data. Customers should be aware that repair, maintenance, configuration and installation processes may damage data stored on their computer. Sonic Computer Services therefore strongly recommends that Customers create back up copies on external storage media of any important data stored on their computer on storage before any work commences. Sonic Computer Services does not guarantee the security of any data stored on a Customers computer at the time of service. It is a condition of the provision of the services that the Customer forever release Sonic Computer Services from any claim or related liability arising from any loss of data stored on their computer.

*Note:Any further work required to the Customers computer as a result of non boot after virus removal is not covered under the service charge for a PC Tune Up, Virus removal can result in system files being removed along with the virus as they are also infected, this can result in system failure and require a System Rebuild or Repair.


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