Printer won't work? Virus? Computer or Internet connection slowing down? System or application trouble? Not sure what the problem is? Let us help!


We can help with the following:

  • Virus/Malware removal- trojans, virus, malware, rootkits - all the bad stuff.
  • Warning, Condition of Service: During any technical service, the loss of data (information, software, settings) can occur in unpreventable and unforeseen ways. The actual process of testing, identifying & rectifying a fault can lead to loss of data and settings, for example, if there is virus present, simply turning on the item could cause (further) damage or loss of data; similarly, if the hard disk is faulty, simply turning on the item could cause loss of or damage to data. Therefore, although we take all due care during service, we do NOT cover the loss of data, software or settings, before, during, or after, any service. You or your assigned or nominated agent are totally and wholly responsible for any backing-up of software, data, information or settings on the device to be serviced prior to any service provided by Sonic computer Services. The company accepts no responsibility for data on the hard disk drive of any computer in for warranty service or upgrade. It is assumed that the customer has taken the necessary backup precautions and understands that any warranty service or upgrade carries with it the risk of data corruption or need for the formatting of hard disks. this Agreement applies to on-site or remote service.
  • recovery of crashed computers/laptops --- no fix, no fee
  • Helpdesk via remote access PH 0413 972416 Requires active broadband connection and dowloading ht eapp from the helpdesk page which will generate a user ID and once only Passowrd. Connection is secure, and does not require any configuriation of program from your end to allow access.
  • installation and setup of new computer systems
  • drive mirroring - ensure backup of critical data
  • system upgrading- add more memory or larger capacity hard Drives
  • data recovery (recover deleted files or photos, even from formatted hard-drives plus Flash memory) .
  • No data recovery --- No charge.
  • data storage devices - external hard drives and usb mass storage for backups etc
  • network & computer security - lockdown your network from potential risks
  • network optimization - ensure fast data throughput
  • full advice on ISP's (internet service providers).
  • Diagnosis and rectification of lack ofinternet connection or failure.







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