Sonic Computer Services provides all types of Computer Repairs plus New & Ex-Lease Computer Sales. Our services include virus removal, rebuilds, upgrades and replacement of specific parts that have failed. As a solutions focused IT business we provide great service and value when solving hardware and software problems your system may be experiencing both large or small.

Check out some of what we do below or visit our Services page for a more detailed list. If you cannot find it on that list just give us a call and we will see what we can do to help you.

What We Do

New & Ex-Lease Computer Sales

We sell new and refurbished ex-lease computers, all with 12 months hardware warranty. Whether they be Desktops, All in Ones, Laptop/Notebooks, we can supply computers to cover school, office and home needs. All the brands you know and trust, means you can buy with confidence. When purchasing a computer from us it comes fully prepared with all updates and necessary programs required for day to day use. Our services also cover moving your important data to your new device. To see what is this months deal visit our Facebook Page.

We sell new and refurbished laptops,desktop and all-in-ones to suit  your  computer needs

Online Help via Remote Assist

CO-VID 19 restrictions doesn’t mean you don’t want you computer problems fixed. Why pack up your computer and take it to a shop, or have someone come round to your home, You can have a qualified Technician look at it over the Internet. Most problems can be diagnosed or solved via Remote Access [ secure connection used]. We are just a phone call away. Visit the Help-desk page to start now! You can be back up and running before you know it.

SCS can provide remote assistance  for  computer problems large and small

Virus/Malware Removal & PC Tune Up

Is you computer running slow or behaving in an erratic manner? Is it slow to boot and shutdown?

Then let us find and remove malware, virus and scare-ware as well as other potentially unwanted programs that have found their way onto your laptop or desktop PC without your consent. This also includes a PC Tune-Up at the same time. We can have your device up and running like new again.

Computer Rebuilds & Upgrades

PC not going as well as you would like and a virus scan or tuneup is not helping? Then maybe a complete rebuild is the solution. Also an upgrade of the hardware could be the answer to attain better performance or make that new game you installed run better. Call us to discuss possible remedies.

Data Recovery & Hard Drive Cloning

Migration of your operating system and data to a SSD [solid state drive] or a conventional hard drive of larger capacity to get more storage space for all your precious photos or music and video libraries. Internal hard drives have a much faster transfer rate than external ones and also keep your desktop free from clutter. Visit our Services page to learn more. We also offer a data recovery service using enterprise standard applications for formatted, deleted partitions or just deleted information. This service covers conventional hard drives as well as SSDs [mSATA/M.2/2.5″] plus flash drives/cards. Amount of Data recovered so far this year: 8.770TB.[ 1 TB equals 1000 Gigabytes ]. If we cannot get it back, then we are partnered with a data recovery company that can do the more difficult stuff.

Do I need a newer Computer?

Is your laptop or desktop feeling its age? Are you still using Windows7 or 8?

Newer operating system are easier to use. The technology is more intuitive when using your computer. This means its easier to accomplish the things you want to do. Whether your getting photos off your phone onto your device, editing them, just reading the latest headlines or emailing, there are now simple, easy to use apps for just about anything you can imagine. These are available for download form a safe and secure source as well. No more having to visit bad websites on the Internet.

We offer new and ex-lease computers if you feel that its time to update to something newer and quicker and helps you be more productive. All our computers are refurbished & are covered with a either a 12 or 3 months hardware warranty. They come supplied setup ready to go for either business or home use. So if your older computer is not up to the demand of newer apps or programs, then maybe its time to retire it for something that will help you get the job done!

Call us to find out if your computer can be upgraded to Windows 10, or it might be better to purchase a newer device.