Do you think you may have a Virus or is your Computer or Internet connection slowing down? Does your Web Browser [ IE, Edge, Firefox or Chrome] send you to places you do not recognize or want to go? Maybe your system or applications have problems? Not sure what the problem is?

Then why not let us help you with your computer problems. We pay the same care and attention when working on your precious PC or Laptop as we would when fixing our own. Below you will find a list of some of our services.

Services Include…

  • Virus, Malware and Pop-up removal [All types].
  • Hardware and software upgrades. Larger capacity Hard drives, increase system memory [RAM] supply and installation of Graphic cards.
  • Help-desk via remote access, PH 0413 972416. This service requires an active internet connection and downloading the app from the Help-desk page which will generate a user ID and once only Password. Connection is secure, and does not require any configuration of program from your end to allow access.
  • Internet & Network connection/sharing problems fixed.
  • Password Recovery.
  • Recovery of crashed computers/laptops. Recover deleted files or photos, even from formatted hard-drives plus Flash memory. NO FIX, NO FEE.
  • Amount of Data recovered so far this year: 8.770TB [ 1 TB equals 1000 Gigabytes ].
  • Diagnosis and rectification of lack of internet connectivity or failure.
  • Installation and setup of new computer systems.
  • Insurance reports & repairs.
  • Setup & Maintenance of Virtual  Machines. Microsoft Hyper-V  & Oracle VirtualBox. Run older programs or test  operating systems  in a virtual environment.

Service Benefits

Call us to discuss your requirements. Get a qualified Technician get it done right the first time.