Web Development

Need a Website?

Surveys have shown that most Australian businesses that have less than 20 employees do not have a website. Some of the reasons given for this are …

  1. Their business is too small (44 percent).
  2. It is too expensive to have a website (30 percent).
  3. They don’t have the time to build or manage one (17 percent).

Men are more likely than women to feel their business isn’t big enough to need a website. Men are also more likely than women to believe that building a website is too hard to warrant having one.

So you may think that a website is not for you. Think of this though, when watching TV at night aren’t you sitting on the lounge shopping or surfing online. Most people make decisions on what to buy or which service to choose before calling the company and to do so they surf the web first. So why is your business not you on it yet ?

We can help with…

  • Help with those email messages you get from Google telling you about things on your site that require fixing [ignoring them will affect you ranking]
  • Choosing the right web hosting.
  • Full website design. [Basic site]
  • Help with WordPress.
  • Slideshows for your site.
  • Submitting  your site, Google & Bing.
  • SEO for your site.
  • Some basic coding to keep things looking great by positioning them where YOU want them to be.
  • Make your website logo scalable [.SVG] to suit responsive themes.
  • Image/Video optimization. [small file size is important for fast loading].
  • Make your Facebook business page look more professional.
  • Those niggles that you just want fixed, but won’t have to blow the budget in the process.
  • We offer reasonable pricing.

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